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“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” therefore you should not worry much.
― Thomas Pynchon

“Paranoid? Probably. But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible demon about to eat your face.”
― Jim Butcher

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Your mind is working at its best when you’re being paranoid.
You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation
at high speed with total clarity.”
― Banksy

“Sadly, it seems that I have the proclivity to create plenty of devils, but most of the time I don’t even go looking for angels.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough


“This is a mournful discovery.
1)Those who agree with you are insane
2)Those who do not agree with you are in power.”
― Philip K. Dick

“I can feel the heat closing in, feel them out there making their moves.”
― William S. Burroughs
“If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise.”
― Tacitus

“My parents are going to kill me!”
“That seems rather harsh…”
― Garth Nix

“Feelings are something you have; not something you are.”
― Shannon L. Alder
“Panic is the sudden realization that everything around you is alive.” As a result, it’s has its won good point!
― William S. Burroughs

“Don’t be a little paranoid; worry about everything, or let it all go.” hence, it’s is your choice!
― James Alan Gardner

“I know a secret,and secrets breed paranoia.”
― Simon Holt

“I have never seen battles quite as terrifyingly beautiful as the ones I fight when my mind splinters and races, to swallow me into my own madness, again.”
― Nicole Lyons

“Paranoia is transmissible from mind to mind, but it does not go by the route of reason. It can therefore change its rationalization while remaining essentially the same.”
― William Nicholls

“Paranoia seems more reasonable when you’ve got twelve stitches in your side.”
― Kate Griffin

“Call me paranoid. I’m frequently right.” so, everyone can’t avoid it.
― Seanan McGuire

“When someone is stalking you because they think you are stalking them, it makes you wonder who really is the true stalker?”
― Shannon L. Alder

“What is society but an individual? […] The ocean is not society; it is individuals. This was how I managed to gain a modicum of freedom from my terror at the illusion of the ocean called the world.”
― Osamu Dazai
“Behind the hieroglyphic streets there would either be a transcendent meaning, or only the earth.”
― Thomas Pynchon
“Anyone not paranoid in this world must be crazy. . . . Speaking of paranoia, it’s true that I do not know exactly who my enemies are. But that of course is exactly why I’m paranoid.”
― Edward Abbey

“There are those who always think the worst of people. That’s because they are the worst of people.”
― Marsha Hinds

“It is so easy at times for a lonely individual to begin fantasizing about what the people outside are saying about him and, in result, irrationally and fearfully, and sometimes angrily, fancy himself a villain.”
― Criss Jami

“My paranoia wasn’t always right, but just to be on the safe side, I never went to sleep with a clown in the room.”
― Mark Henwick

“He didn’t know what beget what, but he quickly learned that people with money to hide were powerful, and powerful people were violent. It was reliable math: as the amount of money being conveyed increased, so too did the level of paranoia; the psychotic behavior of his clients increasing with every figure added to the sum.”
― T. Mountebank
“Even now it comes as a shock if by chance I notice in the street a face resembling someone I know however slightly, and I am at once seized by a shivering violent enough to make me dizzy.”
― Osamu Dazai

“Paranoia is just having the right information.” therefore it’s part of our life.
― William S. Burroughs
“Some people think this is paranoia, but it isn’t. Paranoids only think everyone is out to get them. Wizards know it.”
― Terry Pratchett

“It was one of those days when I was thinking too much, too fast. Only it was more like the thoughts had a mind of their own and going all by themselves at a hundred miles a second, and I was just sitting back, feeling the growing paranoia inside of me.”
― Sasha Mizaree

“God is always trying to give blessings to us, but our minds are usually too full to receive them.”
― Shannon L. Alder

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