40 4th of July Quotes that Honor Freedom

1.  “Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied.” ― Barack Obama

2. “The American flag represents all of us and all the values we hold sacred.” – Adrian Cronauer

3. “America means opportunity, freedom, power.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. “We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” – William Faulkner

5. “I love my freedom. I love my America.” – Jessi Lane Adams

6. “The American flag is the symbol of our freedom, national pride, and history.” – Mike Fitzpatrick

7. “Liberty is the breath of life to nations.” – George Bernard Shaw

8. “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

9. “Only in America can someone start with nothing and achieve the American Dream. That’s the greatness of this country.” – Rafael Cruz

10. “Independence now and forever!” – Daniel Webster

11. “We’re blessed with the opportunity to stand for something—for liberty and freedom and fairness. And these are things worth fighting for, worth devoting our lives to.” – Ronald Reagan

12. “May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” – Peter Marshall

13. “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” – Benjamin Franklin

14. “Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” – Louis D. Brandeis

15. “I’d like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free and wanted other people to be also free.” – Rosa Parks

16. “From every mountainside. Let Freedom ring.” ― Samuel F. Smith

17. “With freedom comes responsibility.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

18. “Freedom is never granted. It is earned by each generation.” – Hillary Clinton

19. “I love my freedom. I love my America.” – Jessi Lane Adams

20. “Freedom is one of the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit.” – Ronald Reagan

21. “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” – Albert Camus

22. “May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely than this our own country!” – Daniel Webster

23. “America, to me, is freedom.” – Willie Nelson

24. “In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

25. “The history of free men is never really written by chance but by choice; their choice!” – President Dwight D. Eisenhower

26. “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.” – Kahlil Gibran

27. “Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country.” – Marquis de Lafayette

28. “We, the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what’s in it for me, a freedom without a commitment to others, a freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism, is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense.” – President Barack Obama

29. “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” – President George Washington

30. “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
– United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

31. “Independence means.. enjoying freedom and empowering others too, to let them do so.” – Vikrmn

32. “Liberty isn’t free, despite the fact that we ‘freely’ disregard that fact.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

33. “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

34. “Freedom is not license. For the former looks out for the good of ‘all’, while the latter looks out for the good of ‘me’.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

35. “Freedom is viewed as a ‘right’ to those who don’t yet understand that everything is a ‘privilege.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

36. “We all stand for something. And we would be wise to determine what that ‘something’ is because in time we will become ‘some’ of that ‘thing.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

37. “True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline.” – Mortimer J. Adler

38. “It’s not enough to have freedom, one must know how to practice that freedom.” – Abhijit Naskar

39. “Freedom is the atmosphere in which humanity thrives. Breathe it in.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

40. “To celebrate the Fourth of July meant something definite in those days.” – Carol Ryrie Brink

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